Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Midtown has been determined from our earliest days to give to the work of Jesus' Kingdom beyond our own walls. We give 20% of our general fund giving to causes beyond our walls. 

Reformed University Fellowship

Midtown Church was started in conjunction with the RUF campus ministry at the UofA, and that work is at the center of our mission focus. We give 5% of our general fund gifts to the work at UofA, and we try to engage with and include students in our life together. 

Leboo, Kenya

Through William and Nancy Price's foundation, For The Children's Sake, we have been connected to the Masai community in Leboo. We helped with a bore hole which allowed the group to live there year round, and which enabled them to start and build the local school.

Church Planting

We give 5% of our general fund giving to other church planting works in Arizona. Presently we are involved with two plants in Scottsdale and one in Queen Creek. We work with other churches in our Presbytery and with the Southwest Church Planting Network.

Navajo Nation

We contribute to the ministry of DH and Emily Henry, who work with Mission to the World on the Navajo nation near Flagstaff.  The Henrys are working to develop indigenous Christian leadership on the nation.